ATSC A/332 Schema Repository

ATSC A/332 Schema Repository

The following is a list of the schemas described by the A/332 Service Announcement standard.

These schema and example files were published as part of the published standard on 04/3/2024.

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[   ]A332-2022-03-Schemas.zip2024-05-04 19:27 24K 
[   ]ATSC-OMA-SUP-XSD_bcast_sg_fragments-V1_0-20090212-A-20210804.xsd2021-12-16 07:17 63K 
[   ]RRT-1.0-20210128.xsd2021-12-16 07:17 2.8K 
[   ]ReadMe.docx2022-02-18 10:40 14K 
[   ]SA-1.0-20210312.xsd2021-12-16 07:17 12K 

ATSC A/331 Schema Repository
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